First, I thought this was just another conceptual video for what could be in the near future and I was like, “Meh, its been done before”. Then I actually read that they already have prototypes for this and are testing them out in the field. So I watched.

This video is Google‘s way of showing us what exactly this new project that they’re working on is. Project Glass is the company’s first try at making a form of wearable computers. This is probably going to be the world’s first real use of augmented reality. Rumors are that they are already taking prototypes out into the field to test out. Google showed off a pair on Wednesday and they looked like a pair of well-designed wrap-around glasses. The clear glasses display information just like in the video and is controlled by voice commands. It also features a built in camera to record video and take pictures. Project Glass is one of many secret projects currently being worked on at Google X Lab, a very secret lab near Google central in Mountain View. Man, when I read this outloud, this shit still sounds fake. Sigh. I really hope its true.

via hypebeast

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