2012 in Film Part 2.

This is Part 2 of the 22 film releases in 2012 that I have taken interest to. Again, I will be working backwards from that list. I hope you all enjoy! On a side note, I know that both of my entries are very subjective and without a doubt I probably missed or forgot about other important/interesting films that are coming out. With that it mind, please feel free to voice your own opinions and suggestions on the movies that you, the readers, are looking forward to this year in the comments section. Thank you!

10. Total Recall (August 3): Remake of the 1990 sci-fi film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and based on Philip K. Dick’s novel, We Can Remember it for You Wholesale. One of the few sci-fi films in the 90s that wasn’t so cringe-worthy. This interpretation is under the direction of Len Wiseman (Underworld series, Live Free or Die Hard) and has a fantastic cast. I’m mostly looking forward to Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel kicking each other’s asses…and more. There, I said it.

9. The Dark Knight Rises (July 20): Christopher Nolan’s epic conclusion to his Batman trilogy with Christian Bale as the titular character. Bane (Tom Hardy) and Selina Kyle aka Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) play the two villains. Is it even possible to top The Dark Knight (The Godfather of superhero movies as they say)? Or has Nolan created a whole new monster of its own? I’d like to think the latter and “I Believe in Christopher Nolan.”

8. Ted (July 13): A ridiculous premise fit for a hard, profane and raunchy comedy. The story follows John (played by Mark Wahlberg) whose childhood wish for his teddy bear (Ted) to come to life comes true. Conflict arises when Ted’s irresponsible and vulgar slacker lifestyle comes in the way of John’s maturity and love life. This is Seth Macfarlane’s (creator of Family Guy) feature-length directorial debut. He also voices and plays Ted via motion-capture suit.

7. The Amazing Spider-Man (July 3): The much anticipated reboot of the Spider-Man franchise. I wasn’t a fan of Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire’s interpretation of the web-slinger even when I was kid. So I am definitely looking forward to this new interpretation. The casting also looks phenomenal with Andrew Garfield (The Social Network) playing the lead – the perfect choice.

6. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (June 22): Very fitting theme for this year apparently. A comedy film about Earth’s impending doom from an asteroid.  The story follows Steve Carell’s character teaming up with his neighbor played by Keira Knightly as they try to find his old childhood sweetheart before the world ends. A good sense of humor with a lot heart to look forward to. Gets you thinking about what you would do before the world ends, doesn’t it?

5. Brave (June 22): A year without watching a Pixar movie is a year wasted in my opinion. This fantasy adventure film from Pixar definitely promises a darker and mature tone. What I love most about Pixar is that they have that perfect balance of entertainment and strong story-telling. They’re always evolving and exploring new ways to tell brilliant stories. The visuals, the landscapes and the action look absolutely fantastic. (Do check out the trailer for this one in particular – below).

4. Prometheus (June 8): What started off as a prequel to the Alien franchise evolved into a whole new mythology. Director Ridley Scott revisits the sci-fi genre with this film that is said to contain “strands of Alien’s DNA.” The plot follows the crew of the spaceship Prometheus in the year 2085, as they explore an advanced alien civilization in search of the origins of humanity.

3. Moonrise Kingdom (May 25): Upcoming film by Wes Anderson (one of the few “real” auteurs of our time). The story is set in the 1960s where a pair of young lovers flees their New England island town, prompting a local search party led by the Sheriff and the girl’s parents to find them. The supporting cast includes: Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, and more. Definitely the indie film with that quirky humor, wit and brilliant filmmaking to look forward to.

2. Dark Shadows (May 11): Johnny Depp and Tim Burton. What can possibly go wrong? This film will mark their 8th collaboration together. It is also based on the gothic soap opera series of the same name from 1966-1971. The comedic trailer made it all the more intriguing with the blending of Burton’s signature gothic vibe with a playful 1970s setting.

1. The Avengers (May 4): The upcoming superhero film by Marvel Studios that features a stellar ensemble cast. It may just be epic at its best in terms of the genre. Seemed impossible and a big tease for this movie to actually happen when they first announced it years back but the fact that it’s actually happening…nerdgasm. I was personally skeptical at first but I believe the film is in good hands with director Joss Whedon (Buffy, Angel, Firefly – and a comic book wiz himself).

5 responses to “2012 in Film Part 2.”

  1. joey bizzle says:

    Nice list. But where’s Great Gatsby? booooo

    • tandolfo says:

      OH YEAH, totally forgot about that one…hopefully a trailer will come out soon…im such a huge fan of the book and hopefully Baz Luhrmann is more “Moulin Rouge!” with it than “Australia” haha. The cast also looks great. Thanks for pointing that out!

      • joey bizzle says:

        NP! Man I’m hoping this is the film that gets Leo that oscar nod. One of my favorite actors without a doubt.

  2. Namun says:

    Im probably going to watch more than half those movies on your list with my best bros. Awesome list btw. Looking forward to more posts from you tandolfo ;]