Hit Goldie ASAP.

One of my favorite tracks right now is A$AP Rocky‘s new single, Goldie, produced by Hit-Boy, which means two of my favorite tracks right now is produced by Hit-Boy. The other one being Kanye West‘s Way Too Cold aka Theraflu.

Jelani Fresh brings us some visuals for a behind the scenes look at what went on in the studio during the mixing of this track. I think the best part of this type of visual is that you can really see how much love Hit-Boy has for the artists he produces for. It seems like he knows all of Rocky’s lyrics for the track even before its done.

A$AP Rocky and his A$AP Mob have always had my attention in terms of their hype, but I never got around to really listening to their music. This is the first actual Rocky track that I love and I think that he is slowly making his way up in my list. I’m looking forward to his album, LongLiveA$AP, which drops in July.

via illroots

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