Persimmon Denim.

I just discovered these jeans, but I fell in love at first site. I’ve always been in love with denim ever since my friends introduced me to the culture of raw denim a few years back, but my knowledge of the subject was never that great. That is, until I discovered the site RAWR DENIM, which is seriously the go-to blog for all your denim facts and news.

These Samurai Jeans S5000KA denim are completely unique. For these very special pair of denim, Samurai Jeans used a 24 Oz. denim that has been hand-dyed with Kakishibu, which is an all-natural dye fermented from the juice of unripe persimmon (I LOVE PERSIMMONS). The color that results is absolutely beautiful. According to Blue in Green, its the first time that denim has been dyed with Kakishibu. I really hope, one day, I can afford to buy a pair of these (assuming they still are available), but I just wish that they were slim fit.

You can see more details about these jeans HERE. You can buy them (for the sizes that are still left) at Blue in Green.

Since we’re on the topic of denim, I discovered this video on the legendary $2000 Momotaro jeans in Japan, which are made on an ancient antique machine typically used to make kimonos. Supposedly, it takes 8 hours to make 1 meter of fabric. Dashet cray.

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