Fatass Fridays: Bacon and Custard.

Let me start off by introducing another series that we’re starting here on the site called Fatass Fridays, where we’ll be reviewing different foods and places of food. This won’t be a weekly thing, but it will be released on the occasional Fridays, so please look forward to our reviews on some of the delicious, or not so delicious, things that we have been eating.

Cool Haus has been a truck/spot that I have been meaning to try out for years, but just never really got around to it. This post is overdue, but a few weeks ago, on my way to grab some dinner drinks with my buddies, I spotted the CoolHaus truck by the Hammer Museum in Westwood and I had to try it (even though I had eaten nothing all day). I hurriedly ran up and looked at their selection (which was super limited compared to what I’ve seen). I decided on the Candied Bacon ice cream between two classic Snickerdoodle cookies. The brown butter base ice cream with brown sugar candied bacon was absolutely amazing. I’ve had brown butter custard and candied bacon ice cream before from my friend and it was good, but this was on a whole ‘nother level. The whole experience was good enough to keep me happy for the rest of the day even though it was my first and only meal of the day. As much as I loved the truck experience, I really need to check out their more permanent spot in Culver City, so I can try some of their, even more, outlandish cookies and flavors of ice cream.

CoolHaus has also just recently introduced a brand new flavor of ice cream. FRIED CHICKEN AND WAFFLE ICE CREAM. It scares me, but I really have to try it. The video below explains in detail on how they make the ice cream, and its pretty ingenius, although I’m not sure how it will taste. I think it will be similar to the candied bacon ice cream, but just with a chicken kick instead of a hog one. Hopefully I can try this soon. Would you guys be down to try an ice cream flavor like this?

via LA I’m Yours

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  1. Eve says:

    I’m beyond ecstatic I stumbled onto this site! I finally got an ice cream machine as a Christmas gift (after planting not-so-subtle hints). I’ve always wanted to make ice cream flavors that I can’t find anywhere (Hint: Coolhaus, please roll through NJ & park in my driveway!). At the top of my list of ice cream flavors to try is waffles and bacon!!! Can you please help me find the (or decent copycat) recipes for the candied bacon and the fried chicken & waffles ice cream? My fatass thanks you!!!