Ninjas in Paris.

As you guys might know by now, one thing we love to say is “Dashet cray.“, which originates from this past year’s hit, Ni**as in Paris from the Watch the Throne album by Jay-Z and Kanye West. I think, in a way, we were lucky that the song had that famous line that everybody says now because it was perfect for our brand and really was exactly what this brand represents. I actually designed this shirt months ago, probably around the time the album first came out, but we never really had the funding to print it. Instead, I printed the stickers first.

I have always really wanted to print this shirt because I felt that it was important to the brand, but I was afraid that it might be too late because the song has died out quite a bit. Luckily, its still heard on the radio pretty often and I’m still not tired of the song (even though I heard it 8 times in a row at the Los Angeles show..). So against better judgement, I decided to go ahead and print the shirt, but in a limited run. I’ve only printed 50 of these shirts and I expect to sell out.

The shirts are available now online on both our website and our Facebook page. If they are popular, I’ll probably print them in a different colorway. These are our first official limited release! Please buy one, tell your friends to buy one, and help us fund the printing of more shirts! Dashet cray.

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