Mostly Latin at the Selby.

Formerly of Isa and Il Buco, chef Ignacio Mattos, creates a meal that is being called a “mostly Latin Lunch” for his family and friends in this short video by The Selby. Some of the interesting and, definitely, delicious looking dishes that they cook up in this video include a simple onion-radish-avocado salad, a Brazilian cocktail called caipirinhas, and a very interesting and definitely Latin-inspired fish dish. This video is definitely done in The Selby style with bright colors, lighting, and the playful typography. This video really show how passionate these people are of the food and of their company.

You can see the full recipes for the dishes below. You can click the image for the high-res version so that you can actually read it.

via hypebeast
Recipes via New York Times

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