Choi Calls Shotgun.

I’ve posted about chef Roy Choi before, back when he was a part of the MOCA Transmission LA: AV Club exhibit. Even though Roy recently decided to become a vegetarian and go away completely from cooking, he’s still one of my favorite chefs of the past few years.

Chef Choi is known to most people as the founder of the ridiculously popular (and delicious) Korean food trucks that go by the name of Kogi BBQ. He is also largely attributed for the food truck craze that soon exploded after the success of the Kogi trucks. He also owns a few restaurants in Los Angeles such as Chego, A-Frame, and Sunny Spot. He also runs his own blog called Riding Shotgun on the side, and recently he has come together with filmmaker Alison Chernick to showcase some of his own philosophies and methodologies behind his cooking and life.

via hypebeast

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