Hand-Drawn Type.

Designer and artist, Jon Contino, is a master at hand-drawn type. He is one of the great creatives who really know exactly where they want to go, want to do, and aren’t afraid of what they need to get there. His work ethic is amazing, and I really need to step mine up. I’m here blogging half awake because of food coma and not lack of sleep (although I have that too), contemplating whether I want to blog or lay down and watch TV. He says that “as many hours as I can stay awake, is as many that I’ll work”. I envy that work ethic and need to get there. Soon.

In this film by Kevin Steen, you really get a feel for Jon Contino both as an artist/designer and a person. He’s amazing with a pen and paper and effortlessly creates beautiful typography. I love typography. I need to start drawing more. Ugh.

via It’s Nice That

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