We’ll Be Back Shortly!

IT’S BEEN ONE YEAR SINCE WE’VE LAUNCHED! Well a few days over a year, but that’s just the technicalities. We’re not doing anything to celebrate because we feel like this brand has so much more to go before we do any celebrating. We will be doing some changing around the site though!

With the new year here, we are trying to bring you more original content and less re-posts from other blogs! So please bear with us while we re-organize ourselves and plan some great content for you guys. Thanks guys for sticking with us! I promise that the content is going to be so much better after we figure everything out! (Give us a few weeks max)

Also our SHOP is still open, so please tell your friends and help us keep this brand alive. Thank you guys for all your support! But seriously, I need motivation people! (Also need to pay the webshop fees..) :D

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