Blood and Gaga.

So Lady Gaga came out with a fragrance called Fame. The smell is based on blood and semen, supposedly. As gross as that sounds and even though I have no idea what it actually smells like, I think this is great. Lady Gaga also released a five-minute short film to promote this black liquid perfume and its pretty amazing. The dark, twisted, and psychedelic short film a lot of elements that you would expect from Gaga but [Read More]

Los Angeles Screen Printers.

If you’ve ever wondered how t-shirts are made or more specifically, how screen printing works, the good people over at Thrash Lab have made a video for you guys! The medium of screen-printing has always been a go-to for brands and creatives within both the fashion and communication industries. The (relative) ease and accessibility to the materials and such have been super appealing to a lot of creatives. I use a local screen printer in downtown Los [Read More]

Nicki, Big Sean, and 2NE1.

G.O.O.D. Music, Young Money, and YG all together in one video? You might be thinking that this is the collab of the century, but its actually just the new Adidas commercial with Jeremy Scott and his favorites: Nicki Minaj, Big Sean, and my favorite Korean pop sensation 2NE1. The new advertising campaign is called “All Originals Represent” and feature the artists representing different parts from all around the world. Hermann Deininger, CMO of the brand, says, “This [Read More]

Borders of Infinity.

Louis Vuitton brings us a short film by director KT Auleta that pays homage to Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Room and its concept of self-obliteration. This idea of getting lost within a sea of ourselves and, in this case, being dots or lights is interesting. An excerpt from the Louis Vuitton website says this: Infinity can be made up of a cloud of hypnotic dots; it is also a prism through which Art is reflected. Literature, photography or [Read More]

Skate or Die.

I’ve always been a fan of skate videos and the Tony Hawk games, but I never really got into the actual skateboarding myself. I even had a skateboard in high school and would play around with it from time to time, but I was always just too scared to actually really try to learn it. Now with The Amazing Spider-Man‘s twist on Peter Parker as a skater and my, sort of, recent (re)infatuation with Nike SBs, I’ve [Read More]

GOOD and Complex.

Complex Magazine has always been one of my favorite magazines, mostly because of their amazing covers and features. I guess I could be biased because of my love for the hip-hop and the culture, but in terms of design and coming from a background in print design, I think its a great magazine. The August/September issue of Complex Magazine has brought together the key members of the G.O.O.D. Music family for a great in-depth interview and photoshoot [Read More]

Aztec Varsities.

In September, New York streetwear brand Moss is dropping their new “Moztec” Varsity Jacket. I’ve heard of Moss in name before but none of their products really stuck out to me, until this. The new jacket features a classic wool body with the brand’s custom Aztec-inspired “Moztec” pattern and also with cowhide leather sleeves and striped ribbing at the cuffs, neck and bottom hem. Its absolutely beautiful, well-made, and made of solid materials. The $225 USD pricetage [Read More]

Truf About Teef.

I’ve always wondered what happened to Danny Brown‘s teeth. Who’s Danny Brown? Danny Brown is the new face of fashion designer, Mark McNairy. Oh, and he’s also an up and coming rapper being cosigned by the likes of Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino and also on XXL‘s Freshmen list for 2012. I haven’t really gotten into this guy’s music, but man is he a face you won’t forget. He’s definitely an interesting looking character, mainly his teeth. [Read More]

Ren and Stussy.

I have always loved Stussy for their constant collaboration with artists on their graphic tees. The Artist Series for Summer 2012 brings us a collaboration with Stussy and Canadian animator, John K., who is most known for his classic 90s cartoon, The Ren & Stimpy Show. The last time they collaborated together was for the Stussy x Marvel collaboration. John K. also created a three-minute commercial for the collab and its obviously inspired by the fake commercials [Read More]

Iron In My Heart.

Welcome to the first of our Warp&Weft Wednesdays! This series will be about everything denim and will be posted occasionally on, of course, Wednesdays. Today’s post is an introduction, of sorts, to raw denim and also a visual showcase of my experience of washing my first real pair of raws. So unless you guys actually know me relatively well and/or you know a bit about the crazy world of denim, you are probably wondering what raw denim [Read More]