Zucchini Blossolini.

One of my favorite people to blog about is back. Action Bronson brings us a new video in collaboration with MySpace for their OneToWatch series on cooking his fried zucchini blossoms. Bronson is a huge fan of food, and even took up the official title as chef before he actually gave it up for the rap game. The zucchini blossoms are stuffed with ricotta and served with a pseudo-tomato jam. Action Bronson also goes into his background [Read More]

Choi Calls Shotgun.

I’ve posted about chef Roy Choi before, back when he was a part of the MOCA Transmission LA: AV Club exhibit. Even though Roy recently decided to become a vegetarian and go away completely from cooking, he’s still one of my favorite chefs of the past few years. Chef Choi is known to most people as the founder of the ridiculously popular (and delicious) Korean food trucks that go by the name of Kogi BBQ. He is [Read More]

Mostly Latin at the Selby.

Formerly of Isa and Il Buco, chef Ignacio Mattos, creates a meal that is being called a “mostly Latin Lunch” for his family and friends in this short video by The Selby. Some of the interesting and, definitely, delicious looking dishes that they cook up in this video include a simple onion-radish-avocado salad, a Brazilian cocktail called caipirinhas, and a very interesting and definitely Latin-inspired fish dish. This video is definitely done in The Selby style with [Read More]

Birds of the Yard.

Hong Kong has always been one of my dream vacation destinations sometime within the near future. I really want to go mostly because of the food, but also because of the culture and the fashion. In a lot of ways, Hong Kong is really similar to Los Angeles, if you just take all the people in LA and make them Asian, you’ll essentially have Hong Kong. Or so I hear. I’ve also heard that the women they’re [Read More]

Bougie Chef Lunches.

RenĂ© Redzepi is quickly becoming one of my favorite chefs right now. Redzepi is the founder of the world-famous Michelin-starred restaurant, NOMA. NOMA is located in Copenhagen, Denmark and is known for their artful Nordic dishes that are ridiculously detail-oriented. Danish photographer and filmmaker, Simon Ladefoged, came together with the staff at NOMA to capture a side of the world-renown restaurant that the public hasn’t seen before. Everyday at 5:00, the internationally diverse staff of chefs and [Read More]

Fatass Fridays: Bacon and Custard.

Let me start off by introducing another series that we’re starting here on the site called Fatass Fridays, where we’ll be reviewing different foods and places of food. This won’t be a weekly thing, but it will be released on the occasional Fridays, so please look forward to our reviews on some of the delicious, or not so delicious, things that we have been eating. Cool Haus has been a truck/spot that I have been meaning to [Read More]

Getting Fat with Ed.

I still can’t really decide if I like Eddie Huang or not, but I can say that he really does know his stuff and what he’s doing. VICE Magazine takes to their digital medium to let Eddie, a chef and food personality, show them his favorite spots in NYC. From how to properly devour a soup dumping to making his own take on an ice cream sandwich, Eddie takes you on a gritty tour of the highest [Read More]

Avant Choi Truck.

Mike D of the legendary Beastie Boys is the patron and creative head of a festival called The Avant/Garde Diaries in Los Angeles that just started 2 days ago on April 20 (appropriate) and runs until May 6, 2012. Mike invited 17 artists from all different backgrounds to create an amazing 17 day event consisting of concerts, DJ nights, performances, and installations. The events take place at the MOCA museum in Los Angeles and you can find [Read More]

Eggs on Eggs on Eggs.

Once upon a time, the Hudson River was so packed with wild sturgeon that some of the pubs in New York City would purposefully give away the now popular roe on bread to keep their customers sitting and drinking away. Of course, now you won’t find that anymore, but since then, we have found the eggs highly desired. Even though the fish are making a return to the polluted waters, its good to know that the Mote [Read More]

The Athlete’s Song.

One of my favorite artists/producers, Mark Ronson, has teamed up with Coca-Cola for a very interesting project. These two have come together in order to bring us a music project that I’ve never seen done before. Using professional athletes and the sounds that they make while doing their thing, Mark will produce a song. They have even brought us a behind the scenes documentary of this project and a sample of the resulting song by Mark Ronson. [Read More]