We’ll Be Back Shortly!

IT’S BEEN ONE YEAR SINCE WE’VE LAUNCHED! Well a few days over a year, but that’s just the technicalities. We’re not doing anything to celebrate because we feel like this brand has so much more to go before we do any celebrating. We will be doing some changing around the site though! With the new year here, we are trying to bring you more original content and less re-posts from other blogs! So please bear with us [Read More]

G.I. Who?

I’m sure everyone went completely berzerk last week when they found out that G.I. Joe Retaliation which was suppose to come out June 29 is now pushed back to next year March 23, 2013. Why would they do such a thing you ask? There’s only one “reasonable” answer in the eyes of studio execs: more money. These Paramount execs must only see shiny $$$ signs if they can’t see that this marvelous plan to emulate the success of 3D-post [Read More]

Iron In My Heart.

Welcome to the first of our Warp&Weft Wednesdays! This series will be about everything denim and will be posted occasionally on, of course, Wednesdays. Today’s post is an introduction, of sorts, to raw denim and also a visual showcase of my experience of washing my first real pair of raws. So unless you guys actually know me relatively well and/or you know a bit about the crazy world of denim, you are probably wondering what raw denim [Read More]

Ninjas in Paris.

As you guys might know by now, one thing we love to say is “Dashet cray.“, which originates from this past year’s hit, Ni**as in Paris from the Watch the Throne album by Jay-Z and Kanye West. I think, in a way, we were lucky that the song had that famous line that everybody says now because it was perfect for our brand and really was exactly what this brand represents. I actually designed this shirt months [Read More]

Fatass Fridays: Bacon and Custard.

Let me start off by introducing another series that we’re starting here on the site called Fatass Fridays, where we’ll be reviewing different foods and places of food. This won’t be a weekly thing, but it will be released on the occasional Fridays, so please look forward to our reviews on some of the delicious, or not so delicious, things that we have been eating. Cool Haus has been a truck/spot that I have been meaning to [Read More]

Amusing Ourselves to Death Part 2.

Part 2: These are shows that have just recently wrapped up their seasons or coming soon to start anew. Check out part 1 for my complete list here: http://www.iamdashet.com/2012/05/01/amusing-death-part-1/ 7. Breaking Bad – Drama series created and produced by Vince Gilligan. The story revolves around Walter White (Bryan Cranston) who is informed that he has terminal cancer. As an underachieving chemistry genius turned high school chemistry teacher, he turns to using his expertise in chemistry to provide a legacy [Read More]

Amusing Ourselves to Death Part 1.

You know you’re a big time TV junkie when you have a spreadsheet-like document to keep track of all the shows that you currently watch. The show times, network/station, day of the week, season/episode count, and those heart-wrenching or sometimes relieving mid-season breaks (just to catch up on the rest of your shows). Or is all of this madness just me? I was raised by TV and always found it ridiculously enthralling for its escapism and fantasy. [Read More]

Monday Mixes #1.

Yes, I am aware that it’s Wednesday. But I just thought of this idea last night, so I’m going to post the first one today. I don’t know how frequent these mixes are going to come out, but just expect them every now and then on Mondays. I’ll be providing a theme for the mix along with a tracklist. The “mixtapes” are going to be uploaded unto 8tracks, unless anyone knows a better service. But I like [Read More]

2012 in Film Part 2.

This is Part 2 of the 22 film releases in 2012 that I have taken interest to. Again, I will be working backwards from that list. I hope you all enjoy! On a side note, I know that both of my entries are very subjective and without a doubt I probably missed or forgot about other important/interesting films that are coming out. With that it mind, please feel free to voice your own opinions and suggestions on the movies that [Read More]

Juice and Cruz Power Shout.

Last Thursday, April 5, 2012, live from the #LIFTOFF show on Power 106 (9PM-11PM), Justin Credible (of the famous LA Leakers) and J. Cruz shouted us out! Thank you again to both Justin and J! Were any of you guys able to catch this live on the air? These guys are some of our favorite radio personalities from, definitely, our favorite radio station, so it really was an honor to have them shout us out on the [Read More]