The Umbrella Theory.

Let me just start off that “The Umbrella Theory” is a dope name in itself. It reminds me of one of my favorite comics ever, The Umbrella Academy, so it just comes off with a good start. The Umbrella Theory is the new mixtape by one of my favorite up and comings, Azuré. I posted about his first music video/single off the mixtape a while ago. Azuré’s last mixtape, Illusions of Oasis, was a good start, but [Read More]

Eff Suits and Ties.

I’ve posted about this guy a couple times, but if you’re new to the website, I want to introduce you to Azuré. This guy is, hands down, one of the best upcoming rappers in the (YouTube) game right now. As ridiculous as that sounds, YouTube is now the way to get noticed and really make it big nowadays. Its literally happening everyday. And I’m not biased because he’s a fellow Korean either. Azuré just dropped the visuals [Read More]

Bobby Flay, Bobby Flay.

One of my favorite “YouTube rapper” (God, I hate that term), just released a new video for his own verse on, what’s now known as, the Common x Drake beef track, Stay Schemin‘. He dropped this for the Hypetrak contest. Once again, Azuré drops a hot video for a dope verse. Justin Park is really starting to do some big things. I’m excited for what he has to bring in 2012. Keep your eyes open for this [Read More]

It Really Must Be Nice.

A while back, I stumbled upon a fellow Korean doing his thing down in San Diego. A friend showed me one of his music videos and it was some of the dopest, both in production and lyrics, music I’ve heard in a while. My friend, Jen Kim, introduced me to the man named Justin Park aka Azuré. Give this guy some time and you’ll be seeing him a bit more often, I promise. I’ve posted my favorite [Read More]