Just So Super.

Honestly, I just wanted an excuse to post a picture of my future wife, but I guess I can post some news about her too. DJ Sosupersam has just announced that she will be touring with Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover and Danny Brown on their recent CAMP Tour. Sosupersam will be playing a little opening set before each show. If you guys haven’t seen here, she’s an amazing DJ. You will fall in love. Guaranteed. I [Read More]

Only Dinner For Two.

After a short teaser that dropped a few days ago, Childish Gambino finally dropped the video for his hit single, Heartbeat. Like his video for Bonfire, the video for Heartbeat seems to be telling a ambiguous story of sorts that either needs to be really looked into to be made sense of or it just was not supposed to make any sense at all. Its a dope video, simple shots and a, kind of, simple story. According [Read More]