Hand-Drawn Type.

Designer and artist, Jon Contino, is a master at hand-drawn type. He is one of the great creatives who really know exactly where they want to go, want to do, and aren’t afraid of what they need to get there. His work ethic is amazing, and I really need to step mine up. I’m here blogging half awake because of food coma and not lack of sleep (although I have that too), contemplating whether I want to [Read More]

Snoop Lion.

So Snoop Dogg apparently has changed his name to Snoop Lion after a journey to Jamaica. That’s cool, I guess. Super-hipster brand/magazine, VICE, brings us a documentary that follow Snoop on this journey to Jamaica where he records an album with Diplo. The film shows how Snoop is embraced by the Jamaican people and really becomes immersed in the Rastafarian culture in a positive way. The documentary shows the journey of how he goes from being Snoop [Read More]

The Athlete’s Song.

One of my favorite artists/producers, Mark Ronson, has teamed up with Coca-Cola for a very interesting project. These two have come together in order to bring us a music project that I’ve never seen done before. Using professional athletes and the sounds that they make while doing their thing, Mark will produce a song. They have even brought us a behind the scenes documentary of this project and a sample of the resulting song by Mark Ronson. [Read More]

Syd Tells Us.

Syd tha Kid is definitely, by far, one of the most interesting members of OFWGKTA, especially considering she’s the only female member. She also just released her own side project with fellow Odd Future member, Matt Martians, called the Internet and their debut album, Purple Naked Ladies. The albums is a totally different direction than any of their Odd Future shit and is definitely worth a listen. Lance Bangs brings us a short documentary of sorts on [Read More]