Araab x Brown.

Filmmakers Yours Truly and Adidas Originals have come together to continue a series that they call “Songs From Scratch“. The latest addition to the series includes the up and coming rapper Danny Brown and one of my favorite producers right now, araabMUZIK, coming together for the first time to create a brand new track. The video gives us an inside look at the process that took place for this song to be made. You can see them [Read More]

That A-Trak Money.

I probably first heard of A-Trak back when he toured with Kanye West back in 2004. I kind of forgot about him after that and recently just started his listening to his stuff again, both the live mixes and the Fool’s Gold stuff. He’s probably one of the best DJs out there right now, but producer-wise we’ll see. A-Trak shows off his more humorous side with this new video showing off his mixing and scratching skills with [Read More]