Jungle Tags and Ish.

I absolutely love detailed tagging like this. Its absolutely amazing. French artists, Tyrsa and Franck Pellegrino, came together for something called “Welcome to the Jungle“, which is a celebration of both graffiti art and the streets in which they are often displayed. The piece that they created together is truly amazing, featuring details such as tribal etching, high contrast, beautiful colors, and amazing typography. Watching this video makes me really want to try painting like this but [Read More]

Revok the 7th Letter.

The Hundreds recently put together a video with one of their close friends, street artist REVOK of TheSeventhLetter. This teaser, of sorts, is for an upcoming collaboration between The Hundreds and REVOK, which will be released in June. REVOK is also interviewed in the video and talks about the public’s reaction to his work and also his biggest fan, who used to be more of his biggest hater in the past. I’ve been a fan of REVOK, [Read More]

Kidult in Paris.

One of the most interesting street artists in the game right now, Kidult, took a blow at Supreme again in the form of street posters in Paris. Back in May of 2011, Kidult massively tagged the storefront of Supreme’s New York store with his “KID” tag. Now the french graffiti artist is back and decided to go to Paris for his new campaign. If you guys keep up with the blog or streetwear in general, I’m sure [Read More]

Always Loving Me.

Curtis Kulig has been becoming more and more popular lately and definitely caught my eye, maybe, a year ago when I started to see his signature “loveme” appearing in more spots in Los Angeles. If you haven’t seen his signature tag all around Los Angeles, and slowly making itself around the world, you will soon enough. The brand that “Love Me” is slowly evolving into is something so simple that works incredibly well. Love Me is an [Read More]

Super Paint World.

I’m such a sucker for anything video-game themed. Especially if its old school video games. Los Angeles-based artist, OG SLICK, teamed up with CALE of K2S in order to create a mural of epic proportions. The mural, covering the walls of the facility they were working in, is one of the best homages to one of the most iconic video game series in the history of life. The artwork is done in their own unique style and [Read More]

Zuck 1.

One of my favorite artists, David Choe (not to be confused with my favorite chef, David Chang), was given the task of decorate the walls of the old Facebook offices. Since Mark Zuckerberg decided to move their headquarters a few miles northwest of their Palo Alto location in California, he needed someone to decorate the new place. Who better than David Choe to do it again? More images and videos after the jump. via hypebeast