Happy Halloween!

Hey guys! We’re not dead! Sorry for the major lacks of posts and updates but we’ve been pretty busy working on some more original stuff. I’m going to try to get back on track with blogging, but also going to be working on some more original posts. The new posts will have a lot of original good stuff so stay tuned and bare with us! Also in terms of apparel and our products, help spread the word [Read More]

Killer Shoes.

This is definitely one of the best music videos that I’ve seen a while, asides from the new Shins video for Simple Song. Besides the fact that this particular video, for an unknown artist, features a very well-known actor, the video itself is shot beautifully with a great plot. I don’t want to spoil too much for you guys. The video is a bit long, but definitely worth watching the whole way through. It tells a short [Read More]