The Art of the Music Video.

Hypebeast started a new video series called The Videographers Guide. Its a new web series that documents young filmmakers as they produce videos mostly for the web in all different types of genres. In this first episode, the series talks about the topic of music videos and the filmmakers in the genre both back in the day and today. They go from the beginnings of the music video to its now mass produceable self within the digital [Read More]

Skate or Die.

I’ve always been a fan of skate videos and the Tony Hawk games, but I never really got into the actual skateboarding myself. I even had a skateboard in high school and would play around with it from time to time, but I was always just too scared to actually really try to learn it. Now with The Amazing Spider-Man‘s twist on Peter Parker as a skater and my, sort of, recent (re)infatuation with Nike SBs, I’ve [Read More]

Aztec Varsities.

In September, New York streetwear brand Moss is dropping their new “Moztec” Varsity Jacket. I’ve heard of Moss in name before but none of their products really stuck out to me, until this. The new jacket features a classic wool body with the brand’s custom Aztec-inspired “Moztec” pattern and also with cowhide leather sleeves and striped ribbing at the cuffs, neck and bottom hem. Its absolutely beautiful, well-made, and made of solid materials. The $225 USD pricetage [Read More]

Mostly Latin at the Selby.

Formerly of Isa and Il Buco, chef Ignacio Mattos, creates a meal that is being called a “mostly Latin Lunch” for his family and friends in this short video by The Selby. Some of the interesting and, definitely, delicious looking dishes that they cook up in this video include a simple onion-radish-avocado salad, a Brazilian cocktail called caipirinhas, and a very interesting and definitely Latin-inspired fish dish. This video is definitely done in The Selby style with [Read More]

Birds of the Yard.

Hong Kong has always been one of my dream vacation destinations sometime within the near future. I really want to go mostly because of the food, but also because of the culture and the fashion. In a lot of ways, Hong Kong is really similar to Los Angeles, if you just take all the people in LA and make them Asian, you’ll essentially have Hong Kong. Or so I hear. I’ve also heard that the women they’re [Read More]

Stealth: DRx for UNKNWN Lebron James Jersey Collection.

Cannot talk about basketball and not mention Lebron James. There is no doubt that this man is a great basketball player, and a future hall of famer. It makes perfect sense for DRx to make an entire collection of Jame’s jersey. To honor a great basketball player, and also, to just make awesome looking jerseys for people to wear. These jerseys have fine Italian leather for the fabric, and all the different styles have been carefully curated into [Read More]

The Supreme Face.

Another THE NORTH FACE x Supreme collaboration. I think they release one almost every year. This year’s spring/summer collab between these two huge brands features an all-over world map print (something I’ve actually always wanted to do..) on a jacket, backpack, and duffel bag. The Supreme logo is, of course, on the items too. Two colorways are available for all items: tan with navy print and black with white print versions. The waterproof jacket has taped seams [Read More]

Sex Sells Fruit.

Hypebeast recently started a feature called Hypebeast Eats, where they showcase chefs/eateries, and this week, they talked about Fresh Cafe in Honolulu, Hawaii. Fresh Cafe is run by Tiffany Tanaka and is a cafe known for its great local fresh fare and its hub for local art and creatives. One of the things they are best known for is their Açaí bowls. For those of you that don’t know, Açaí bowls are pretty much just smoothies made [Read More]

Mexican Indian Flutes.

I’ve been following Speak! for a while now. Probably since his video with Knocksteady. Every now and then, I would see some of his videos and listen to some of his music and its always interesting in the best way possible. He really isn’t your typical rapper and is probably the epitome of what I like to call the hipster rappers that are coming up right now. He “co-wrote” Kreayshawn’s hit single, Gucci Gucci, although I think [Read More]