Kidult in Paris.

One of the most interesting street artists in the game right now, Kidult, took a blow at Supreme again in the form of street posters in Paris. Back in May of 2011, Kidult massively tagged the storefront of Supreme’s New York store with his “KID” tag. Now the french graffiti artist is back and decided to go to Paris for his new campaign. If you guys keep up with the blog or streetwear in general, I’m sure [Read More]

Supreme Team.

I don’t know if I missed some of the previous ones, but this is the first official commercial for a line from Supreme. The new Spring/Summer 2012 line was just announced and the preview and lookbook are both now up on the website. The commercial is called “Pizza Face” and features exactly what you would expect from the people over at Supreme; raw editing and footage of some kids skating, much like some of the OddFuture videos. [Read More]