Eff Suits and Ties.

I’ve posted about this guy a couple times, but if you’re new to the website, I want to introduce you to Azuré. This guy is, hands down, one of the best upcoming rappers in the (YouTube) game right now. As ridiculous as that sounds, YouTube is now the way to get noticed and really make it big nowadays. Its literally happening everyday. And I’m not biased because he’s a fellow Korean either. Azuré just dropped the visuals [Read More]

On That Cut & Sew.

Bobby Hundreds. One of my many heroes and aspirations within the community. Not for his actual design work, but more for his impact upon the community and how he changed the game. Bobby Kim aka Bobby Hundreds started out just printing his designs on t-shirts, much like how I’m starting. Now I’m not trying to become the next Bobby Hundreds, but I am following his methodology more or less. I’m doing it so that I may end [Read More]

It Really Must Be Nice.

A while back, I stumbled upon a fellow Korean doing his thing down in San Diego. A friend showed me one of his music videos and it was some of the dopest, both in production and lyrics, music I’ve heard in a while. My friend, Jen Kim, introduced me to the man named Justin Park aka Azuré. Give this guy some time and you’ll be seeing him a bit more often, I promise. I’ve posted my favorite [Read More]