007 and Q.

Finally a new Bond movie. Well, the teaser/trailer for this movie already came out, but that one was nothing compared to this one. This new trailer for SKYFALL looks absolutely gorgeous. People are saying that this Daniel Craig Bond movie finally feels like a real Bond movie. I always thought that the previous ones, especially the first one felt like Bond movies, but after thinking about it, I think its because of the added campy element that [Read More]

Snoop Lion.

So Snoop Dogg apparently has changed his name to Snoop Lion after a journey to Jamaica. That’s cool, I guess. Super-hipster brand/magazine, VICE, brings us a documentary that follow Snoop on this journey to Jamaica where he records an album with Diplo. The film shows how Snoop is embraced by the Jamaican people and really becomes immersed in the Rastafarian culture in a positive way. The documentary shows the journey of how he goes from being Snoop [Read More]

Life of Ang Lee.

I remember reading Life of Pi by Yann Martell in high school (or was it college?) and it is still one of the most unique novels that I’ve read. The concept of a boy getting shipwrecked on a small lifeboat with a Bengal tiger, a spotted hyena, a zebra, and an orangutan is pretty silly at first, but Life of Pi executes it amazingly. Its been a while since I’ve read the book, maybe I should try [Read More]

2012 in Film Part 1.

Forward note: I’m a firm believer in what Allen has been trying to do with Dashet for a while now. He’s been asking me to blog for him constantly and I promised that I would. But as the terrible and procrastinating friend that I am, I have just now decided to get off my lazy arse to post my first entry. Well, technically speaking, I am still sitting while I write this up but you get the [Read More]

My Friend, Ted.

I’ve been excited for this movie ever since it was announced a while back. The entire idea of, first of all, Seth McFarlane directing his first feature length film is exciting and to add the fact that its about a guy and his talking teddy bear best friend that everyone can see and talk to, and you’ve got me sold. I’ve always been a fan of Seth McFarlane’s work, for the most part (::cough:: American Dad ::cough::).. [Read More]

Rekalling the Past.

Growing up, I was a geek for sci-fi flicks and one of my favorites of all-time was Total Recall. Also Arnold Schwarzenegger was probably my favorite actor when I was growing up, especially since he’s in some of my other favorite films.. (i.e. Predator/Terminator). I think the main reason I loved Total Recall so much was because of the world it created on Mars with all the aliens, futuristic slums, etc. I loved it. I’m also a [Read More]

Space Jockeys in Space.

The full theatrical trailer for my most anticipated film of 2012 came out last Saturday and man, its amazing. I mean, the teaser for Prometheus itself was amazing, so I had no idea how they would top that, but they did. This trailers features a good idea on what the film is about and a lot of references to the first Alien film (SPACE JOCKEY!), which means that its definitely not just a spritual or spin-off prequel [Read More]

Men in Black III.

I couldn’t think of a semi-witty title for this post and also its still early in the morning, so I can’t think right now. The new theatrical trailer for Men in Black 3 just dropped this morning. The trailer shows a lot more than the teaser that came out a few months ago. This new trailer really gives you a feel for how the new movie is going to be and it seems like its going to [Read More]


FINALLY. A GOOD AVENGERS TRAILER. Every trailer/teaser/spot that has been released until now, I have hated deep down inside my heart. I tell myself that I love it, but I know that inside, I hated them. Last week, they released a new full trailer for The Avengers, and, oh man, so much to love. First off, there’s FINALLY some decent footage of the Hulk/Mark Ruffalo/Bruce Banner in the trailer. All the previous trailers have shown close to [Read More]

Movie: The Movie.

Jimmy Kimmel has always had the best celebrity skits in the history of late night, but his post-Grammy episode had one of the most ridiculous and best pieces ever. Apparently, he had been working on this short for a while and really spent the time and effort to get as many of his “friends” to get in it as well. Creating the ultimate parody movie trailer, Jimmy Kimmel recruited a huge number of his celebrity friends and [Read More]