Getting Fat with Ed.

I still can’t really decide if I like Eddie Huang or not, but I can say that he really does know his stuff and what he’s doing. VICE Magazine takes to their digital medium to let Eddie, a chef and food personality, show them his favorite spots in NYC. From how to properly devour a soup dumping to making his own take on an ice cream sandwich, Eddie takes you on a gritty tour of the highest [Read More]

Beyond the Gold.

John Wall, one of the NBA’s rising stars is making his first appearance in one of the biggest stages in sports! On April 13th of this NBA season, he will be leading his Washington Wizards to Madison Square Garden to face Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks. To honor this event, Reebok, the sporting goods company that sponsors Wall has announced to create a special collector’s pack.   John Wall’s shoe is the Reebok Zig Encore, [Read More]

Eggs on Eggs on Eggs.

Once upon a time, the Hudson River was so packed with wild sturgeon that some of the pubs in New York City would purposefully give away the now popular roe on bread to keep their customers sitting and drinking away. Of course, now you won’t find that anymore, but since then, we have found the eggs highly desired. Even though the fish are making a return to the polluted waters, its good to know that the Mote [Read More]

RIP Nicki.

Oh Nicki, Nicki, Nicki. You used to be so talented back in your pre-Young Money days, and sometimes, every so often, we get to see that talent once again like your verse on Kanye’s Monster, but you are slowly going further and further down the hole. A video from Nicki’s pre-Young Money/YMCMB/Cash Money days has just been released online and man, it makes you really think, WHY NICKI WHY. In the video, Nicki is just walking down [Read More]

Marketing in the Sky.

One of the many movies that I’m excited for this year is Chronicle. I didn’t even know the movie got pulled into theaters until recently, but I heard about it running the festival circuit a while ago. If you haven’t heard of it, the basic premise is that some kids stumble upon some superpowers and start wreaking a little havoc. The cool aspect of this movie is that its filmed like “found footage” film, like Blair Witch [Read More]

Dates with Budgets.

A while ago, I blogged about a new show on the Cooking Channel called Cheap Bites, hosted by New York young chef and blogger, Eddie Huang. The show premiered last Sunday and despite the lack of marketing for the show, it ranked fifth on that night. Someone uploaded the first episode for people to watch and its a pretty good show. I’ll definitely be checking out the second episode. The show features all kinds of legit food [Read More]

Empire State of Mind.

One of my creative friends just recently made a trip to New York to work on a few projects. My friend, Phil Mao, put together a re-cap video of his trip over there using various b-roll shots and shots from his projects in New York. I thought it was an extremely well done video for a re-cap and plus, there’s quite a few cameos for you hip-hop heads. Check out the video below.