Blood and Gaga.

So Lady Gaga came out with a fragrance called Fame. The smell is based on blood and semen, supposedly. As gross as that sounds and even though I have no idea what it actually smells like, I think this is great. Lady Gaga also released a five-minute short film to promote this black liquid perfume and its pretty amazing. The dark, twisted, and psychedelic short film a lot of elements that you would expect from Gaga but [Read More]

Action Graphics Part Deux.

There’s one thing I love and wish I had time to experiment more with, well maybe two, but one of them is motion graphics. I’ve posted about the chef before, but if you don’t know, Action Bronson is one of my favorite up and coming rappers. Bronson’s new single dropped recently and so did the video for it. Hot Shots Part Deux has that classic Bronsolini sound with production by White Russian and features a visually fantastic [Read More]

Kidult in Paris.

One of the most interesting street artists in the game right now, Kidult, took a blow at Supreme again in the form of street posters in Paris. Back in May of 2011, Kidult massively tagged the storefront of Supreme’s New York store with his “KID” tag. Now the french graffiti artist is back and decided to go to Paris for his new campaign. If you guys keep up with the blog or streetwear in general, I’m sure [Read More]

Public Bronsolini.

One of my favorite rappers on that up and up right now is a big white man from New York named Action Bronson (sounds like a childhood action figure). I’ve posted about him before, and I probably will again in the future. Another one of my favorite creatives, Terry Richardson, just posted his photoshoot with Action Bronson and it really is something. I love the sense of humor that both Terry and Bronson obviously have during this [Read More]

RIP Nicki.

Oh Nicki, Nicki, Nicki. You used to be so talented back in your pre-Young Money days, and sometimes, every so often, we get to see that talent once again like your verse on Kanye’s Monster, but you are slowly going further and further down the hole. A video from Nicki’s pre-Young Money/YMCMB/Cash Money days has just been released online and man, it makes you really think, WHY NICKI WHY. In the video, Nicki is just walking down [Read More]

A$AP Visuals.

My homie, Phil Mao, over at The New Regime TV just dropped a new video with A.S.A.P.‘s resident Visual Artist, Justin West. Justin West is the man in charge of all the artwork behind ASAP Rocky‘s videos such as Purple Swag, Peso, and Wassup. He’s also been featured in a few galleries, so he is really starting to come up as an artist. This video really takes you into his head to see what goes on in [Read More]

Marketing in the Sky.

One of the many movies that I’m excited for this year is Chronicle. I didn’t even know the movie got pulled into theaters until recently, but I heard about it running the festival circuit a while ago. If you haven’t heard of it, the basic premise is that some kids stumble upon some superpowers and start wreaking a little havoc. The cool aspect of this movie is that its filmed like “found footage” film, like Blair Witch [Read More]

Dates with Budgets.

A while ago, I blogged about a new show on the Cooking Channel called Cheap Bites, hosted by New York young chef and blogger, Eddie Huang. The show premiered last Sunday and despite the lack of marketing for the show, it ranked fifth on that night. Someone uploaded the first episode for people to watch and its a pretty good show. I’ll definitely be checking out the second episode. The show features all kinds of legit food [Read More]

Action Cheffin’.

If you know me, or I guess you have to really know me, you know that I love Action Bronson. He is one of the best things to happen to hip-hop recently and he’s going to do big things in 2012. I know it. Check out Bronson’s interview about his personal fashion sense and how it has changed over the years. And the music video that convinced me that this guy was legit. Action Bronson always has [Read More]

College Budget Cooking Swag.

It seems as if a hypebeast chef has landed a show on the Cooking Channel. Eddie Huang is a funny guy New York chef looking to help his viewers find the cheapest meals to satisfy even the most sophisticated palettes (of those with low budgets). Cheap Bites airs on January 1st at 8pm EST. And as Eddie said on his blog, “tune in, tivo, tell your friends, nurse your hangover, and watch Chinese people NOT do gymnastics [Read More]