Pyramid Work.

Almost immediately after his very impressive SNL performance last Saturday, Frank Ocean reveals the music video for his channel ORANGE single, Pyramids. One of my favorite directors in the industry right now, Nabil, directed this one and I am not disappointed. The slightly NSFW video show Frankie Oceans as he goes on a (possibly Molly influenced) psychedelic journey through strip clubs and highways until he ends up at a strange object with John Mayer playing the same [Read More]

Trukfit and Rebirth.

I’m a little late on this post, but I decided to post it anyways because as much as I hate Lil Wayne, this video is fantastic. Also the song is terribly catchy. I think the production and art direction of this video is amazing. Lil Wayne’s video for his track “My Homies Still“, which features Big Sean, features the two artists literally turning a suburbia upside down in a truly psychadelic way. Oh and it features a [Read More]

Grown Up Goblins.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about good ol’ Tyler, but the other day I stumbled upon this interview video of him by Yours Truly. I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen it before, but I feel like I would’ve. Oh well. Anyways, in the interview, Tyler talks about his roots in music and how he went from trying to read sheet music to performing on stage today. Tyler also displays some of his piano playing, [Read More]

L’orange, Chanel.

The current talk within the music world and Odd Future member, Frank Ocean, released his new album, channel ORANGE, a week early on iTunes last night. The OFWGKTA vocalist dropped his highly-anticipated debut studio album and Nostalgia, Ultra follow-up in a full album stream also. The album features his latest singles Pyramids, Sweet Life, and Bad Religion, which he performed last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The album is absolutely amazing, but I mean most [Read More]

Welcome Home Earl.

I love Odd Future. As much hate as they get from the general community, if you actually pay attention to their real work, you know that they have talent. And lots of it. They are changing the rap game up, literally, and probably already have since they started getting big maybe two years ago with Earl and French. Now that Earl Sweatshirt is back, things are going to change again and I expect big things. Apparently during [Read More]

No Age in Fashion.

GQ Magazine brings us a Q&A, photoshoot, and podcast of what is a really interesting pair of opinions on, arguably, one of the biggest brands in fashion right now. If you guys have been following this blog or you’re a friend of mine, you know I love Supreme. I might be a bit obsessed. Their recent collaboration with Comme des Garcon is driving me crazy because of the fact that I couldn’t one of the hottest fashion [Read More]

Syd Tells Us.

Syd tha Kid is definitely, by far, one of the most interesting members of OFWGKTA, especially considering she’s the only female member. She also just released her own side project with fellow Odd Future member, Matt Martians, called the Internet and their debut album, Purple Naked Ladies. The albums is a totally different direction than any of their Odd Future shit and is definitely worth a listen. Lance Bangs brings us a short documentary of sorts on [Read More]

Squads That Loiter.

Odd Future x Adultswim. That only makes sense right? Well even if you don’t agree, its going to happen. OFWGKTA is teaming up with Adult Swim to bring you their very own television show called Loiter Squad. The show is exactly what you would expect from them and is pretty much the epitome of what Odd Future is at its core. The trailer, posted below, gives you a taste of what to expect and it really is [Read More]

Golfers on Nilbog Ave.

The kids from Odd Future, all 20+ of them, are really setting out to promote their upcoming album/mixtape OF Tape Vol. 2 which drops March 20 with all new tracks from Tyler the Creator, Frank Ocean, Hodgy Beats, Left Brain, The Internet, and probably a few more names. I’ve been a fan of Odd Future since I stumbled upon Tyler’s Yonkers video during the initial hype. As talented as these kids are, the real talent, in my [Read More]

Ye, Wolf, and Ocean.

The Golf Wang tumblr updated their blog with some new pictures yesterday and they’re pretty interesting. They posted some picture of, what looks like, Kanye West, Frank Ocean, and Tyler, the Creator in the studio working on something. I hope these are new pictures because if they’re old, it could just be pictures from when Ocean worked with Kanye on Watch the Throne. If it is new, I wonder what they’re working on. Maybe for that upcoming [Read More]