This Is My Type of Party. [EXCLUSIVE Rock the Bells 2012 Re-Cap]

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I’ve been pretty busy lately. Not this past weekend, but the weekend before, I was given the chance to go and cover Rock the Bells 2012 in San Bernardino with my Power 106 family (who had the best presence by far at the event). As excited as I was to cover the events, I was not excited for the drive out there and the weather. The first day was almost [Read More]

Kung Fu Without F-U.

The Man with the Iron Fists is a film that I have been waiting for for a while. I think I first heard about the film back in 2008 and I kind of forgot about it until some news popped up recently. I’ve always been a fan of RZA, more for his film career pursuing, actually, than his music, but only because I never really listened to Wu (It’s still on my to-do list, I promise. And [Read More]

The Umbrella Theory.

Let me just start off that “The Umbrella Theory” is a dope name in itself. It reminds me of one of my favorite comics ever, The Umbrella Academy, so it just comes off with a good start. The Umbrella Theory is the new mixtape by one of my favorite up and comings, Azuré. I posted about his first music video/single off the mixtape a while ago. Azuré’s last mixtape, Illusions of Oasis, was a good start, but [Read More]

Eff Suits and Ties.

I’ve posted about this guy a couple times, but if you’re new to the website, I want to introduce you to Azuré. This guy is, hands down, one of the best upcoming rappers in the (YouTube) game right now. As ridiculous as that sounds, YouTube is now the way to get noticed and really make it big nowadays. Its literally happening everyday. And I’m not biased because he’s a fellow Korean either. Azuré just dropped the visuals [Read More]

Public Bronsolini.

One of my favorite rappers on that up and up right now is a big white man from New York named Action Bronson (sounds like a childhood action figure). I’ve posted about him before, and I probably will again in the future. Another one of my favorite creatives, Terry Richardson, just posted his photoshoot with Action Bronson and it really is something. I love the sense of humor that both Terry and Bronson obviously have during this [Read More]

RIP Nicki.

Oh Nicki, Nicki, Nicki. You used to be so talented back in your pre-Young Money days, and sometimes, every so often, we get to see that talent once again like your verse on Kanye’s Monster, but you are slowly going further and further down the hole. A video from Nicki’s pre-Young Money/YMCMB/Cash Money days has just been released online and man, it makes you really think, WHY NICKI WHY. In the video, Nicki is just walking down [Read More]

Mexican Indian Flutes.

I’ve been following Speak! for a while now. Probably since his video with Knocksteady. Every now and then, I would see some of his videos and listen to some of his music and its always interesting in the best way possible. He really isn’t your typical rapper and is probably the epitome of what I like to call the hipster rappers that are coming up right now. He “co-wrote” Kreayshawn’s hit single, Gucci Gucci, although I think [Read More]

A$AP Visuals.

My homie, Phil Mao, over at The New Regime TV just dropped a new video with A.S.A.P.‘s resident Visual Artist, Justin West. Justin West is the man in charge of all the artwork behind ASAP Rocky‘s videos such as Purple Swag, Peso, and Wassup. He’s also been featured in a few galleries, so he is really starting to come up as an artist. This video really takes you into his head to see what goes on in [Read More]

Ball So Hard.

Months after the song dropped, the video for the biggest song of the year finally came out. Ni**as in Paris is one of the most quoted and played songs of the year. And the Watch the Throne concert was one of the most amazing shows I have ever been to. Even after listening to the song 10 times in a row at the show, I’m stil not sick of it. There’s something about that song that just [Read More]

Finkin’ Freaky.

I’ve been following Die Antwoord for a while now mainly because of their videos. For as long as I remember, their videos have been mind-blowing. The South African rap duo has been getting bigger and bigger in the music scene and recently created their own label for their new upcoming album. Check out their newest music video for I FINK U FREEKY below. I would love to see this song live. I heard their shows are ridiculous. [Read More]