Hi, I’m David.

Prometheus. You guys are probably getting tired of my posts about this upcoming film by now, but hopefully this will be the last one. Earlier this week, the viral campaign for Prometheus dropped another segment with their further introduction of David-8, the latest humanoid android from Weyland Industries. The android/character is played by Michael Fassbender in both the film and the viral videos. The video showcases the fictional technology where the robots can mimic human emotions even [Read More]

Rekalling the Past.

Growing up, I was a geek for sci-fi flicks and one of my favorites of all-time was Total Recall. Also Arnold Schwarzenegger was probably my favorite actor when I was growing up, especially since he’s in some of my other favorite films.. (i.e. Predator/Terminator). I think the main reason I loved Total Recall so much was because of the world it created on Mars with all the aliens, futuristic slums, etc. I loved it. I’m also a [Read More]

Space Jockeys in Space.

The full theatrical trailer for my most anticipated film of 2012 came out last Saturday and man, its amazing. I mean, the teaser for Prometheus itself was amazing, so I had no idea how they would top that, but they did. This trailers features a good idea on what the film is about and a lot of references to the first Alien film (SPACE JOCKEY!), which means that its definitely not just a spritual or spin-off prequel [Read More]

Men in Black III.

I couldn’t think of a semi-witty title for this post and also its still early in the morning, so I can’t think right now. The new theatrical trailer for Men in Black 3 just dropped this morning. The trailer shows a lot more than the teaser that came out a few months ago. This new trailer really gives you a feel for how the new movie is going to be and it seems like its going to [Read More]

TED 2023.

The TED Talks series is some of the best videos ever in terms of pure inspiration and education in what’s going on with the technology, entertainment, and design industries. They feature all kinds of important people in the industry, where they talk about what they’re currently working on and such. This new TED Talk that just premiered is by a man named Peter Weyland and its from.. the year 2023.. (and yes, its a real TED Talk, [Read More]

Marketing in the Sky.

One of the many movies that I’m excited for this year is Chronicle. I didn’t even know the movie got pulled into theaters until recently, but I heard about it running the festival circuit a while ago. If you haven’t heard of it, the basic premise is that some kids stumble upon some superpowers and start wreaking a little havoc. The cool aspect of this movie is that its filmed like “found footage” film, like Blair Witch [Read More]