Happy Halloween!

Hey guys! We’re not dead! Sorry for the major lacks of posts and updates but we’ve been pretty busy working on some more original stuff. I’m going to try to get back on track with blogging, but also going to be working on some more original posts. The new posts will have a lot of original good stuff so stay tuned and bare with us! Also in terms of apparel and our products, help spread the word [Read More]

Blood and Gaga.

So Lady Gaga came out with a fragrance called Fame. The smell is based on blood and semen, supposedly. As gross as that sounds and even though I have no idea what it actually smells like, I think this is great. Lady Gaga also released a five-minute short film to promote this black liquid perfume and its pretty amazing. The dark, twisted, and psychedelic short film a lot of elements that you would expect from Gaga but [Read More]

Hand-Drawn Type.

Designer and artist, Jon Contino, is a master at hand-drawn type. He is one of the great creatives who really know exactly where they want to go, want to do, and aren’t afraid of what they need to get there. His work ethic is amazing, and I really need to step mine up. I’m here blogging half awake because of food coma and not lack of sleep (although I have that too), contemplating whether I want to [Read More]

Dark Knightfall.

Derek Kwok and Henri Wong of Parabucks co. used, what looks like, Hot Toy‘s super detailed action figures to create an extraordinary stop-motion animation called Batman: Dark Knightfall. In terms of plot and universes, the short film seems to take place within the Nolan universe and after, or maybe in between, the events of The Dark Knight Rises. The video says that it isn’t the full version and that the full version is still coming. If the [Read More]

Borders of Infinity.

Louis Vuitton brings us a short film by director KT Auleta that pays homage to Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Room and its concept of self-obliteration. This idea of getting lost within a sea of ourselves and, in this case, being dots or lights is interesting. An excerpt from the Louis Vuitton website says this: Infinity can be made up of a cloud of hypnotic dots; it is also a prism through which Art is reflected. Literature, photography or [Read More]

Friends with You.

I’ve always enjoyed artist collective, FriendsWithYou, which is comprised of Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III. The group has made their first animated short in the form of something simply called “Cloudy“. The short features the same aesthetic and art direction as the rest of their work, showcasing playful characters/creatures and bright colors. The animated short was produced alongside Matias Fernandez and accompanied by music from Norman Bambi. If you enjoy this short, you should definitely check [Read More]

Justice and Punishment.

I have always been a huge of Thomas Jane and his work. Although I loved the fact that he played The Punisher at one point in the character’s many film versions, I don’t think that I’ve actually ever seen the movie. I loved him in The Mist and also in his (wrongly cancelled) show, Hung. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen more of his work but I don’t remember. I just love the fact that he’s such a [Read More]

Inception the Ride.

Buenos Aires! Something about the name of that place just fills be with happiness and wonder. And then I look around and come back to reality. Fernando Livschitz brings us an amazing short compositing two types of footage that you would never expect to be mashed together, and its done masterfully. His film lets us take a trip through the city along the floating and invisible tracks of a magical roller coaster. The video is titled Inception [Read More]

Tilt-Shift Samba.

Why does tilt-shift make everything look so much more awesome? Keith Loutit and Jarbas Agnelli bring us a tilt-shift short film that they shot during the Carnaval 2011 in Rio de Janeiro. The footage covers literally every part of the city, from the absolutely gorgeous beaches to the colorful events of the yearly Carnaval. The simple application of adding two side of blur and a clear focal line transforms film into something that is so much more. [Read More]

Stop and Guac.

I love avocados. I love guacamole. I can eat it by itself. Television network, Showtime, got animator, PES, to come and put together a short that puts a new spin on the food. PES is known for his unique take on stop-motion animation where he really takes everyday items to create things that you probably couldn’t even imagine. He was most known for his animation called Western Spaghetti, which is in the same style as this one. [Read More]