Aztec Varsities.

In September, New York streetwear brand Moss is dropping their new “Moztec” Varsity Jacket. I’ve heard of Moss in name before but none of their products really stuck out to me, until this. The new jacket features a classic wool body with the brand’s custom Aztec-inspired “Moztec” pattern and also with cowhide leather sleeves and striped ribbing at the cuffs, neck and bottom hem. Its absolutely beautiful, well-made, and made of solid materials. The $225 USD pricetage [Read More]

Shinjuku Love.

So in all honesty, I can’t remember the source article for this video and I can’t understand Japanese all that well, even if I can read it a little, but I think that this video is a re-cap of the re-opening of Stussy‘s Shinjuku chapter store in Japan. The main reason why I’m posting this is because it really makes me miss Japan. As similar as it looks to Korea, the whole vibe and atmosphere of the [Read More]

Monster Bomb.

The Hundreds just released a commercial, of sorts, for, what looks like, their New York flagship store. The commercial features a old school looking animation of the Adam Bomb coming out of the Atlantic Cloverfield-style and charging through the streets like Godzilla and then climbing on top of the store like King Kong. I love this 15-second spot. Its so quirky and unique, and kind of works in the sense of a commercial. I love it when [Read More]

Mixing the Media.

Being a very young streetwear company, we really look up to the established brands in the young industry and really are thankful for what they’ve created. Personally, I’m a huge fan of The Hundreds, but specifically, Bobby Hundreds. Not only, for the fact that he’s Korean, but even more for what he’s done in the fashion and media industries. He really changed the game up. I really love Bobby’s blog on The Hundreds site. A few weeks [Read More]

Kidult in Paris.

One of the most interesting street artists in the game right now, Kidult, took a blow at Supreme again in the form of street posters in Paris. Back in May of 2011, Kidult massively tagged the storefront of Supreme’s New York store with his “KID” tag. Now the french graffiti artist is back and decided to go to Paris for his new campaign. If you guys keep up with the blog or streetwear in general, I’m sure [Read More]

Shay’s Sunglasses.

If God was an artist, Shay Maria would be his masterpiece. Yes, I threw this post into the art category because of her. DON’T JUDGE ME. I just wanted to make this post because Shay Maria was in the pictures. She’s one of my favorite streetwear models ever. If you don’t see why, there’s something wrong with you. I mean, its obviously because of her talent. To. Model. I think the last thing I remember her doing [Read More]

No Age in Fashion.

GQ Magazine brings us a Q&A, photoshoot, and podcast of what is a really interesting pair of opinions on, arguably, one of the biggest brands in fashion right now. If you guys have been following this blog or you’re a friend of mine, you know I love Supreme. I might be a bit obsessed. Their recent collaboration with Comme des Garcon is driving me crazy because of the fact that I couldn’t one of the hottest fashion [Read More]

Backwards Supreme.

Just a few days ago, a Supreme x COMME des GARCON capsule collection was announced and its dropping soon! This Thursday to be exact. This Thursday, March 15, a collection from both Supreme and CDG will be dropping featuring shirts, hoodies, camp caps, tees, and sneakers. All of the releases featuring signature CDG designs such as the stripes and polka dots. The thing that makes this capsule collection stand out though, is the inclusion of a backwards [Read More]

Knee Highs.

I guess you would really have to know me to know this, but I absolute LOVE knee high socks on women. Hm, now that I think about it, this blog is kind of becoming a hub for me to tell some strange facts about me and only my friends read this blog right now so.. yeah.. I’m not weird, I promise. I think. ANYWAYS. The Hundreds is releasing a pair of socks called The Hundreds Physical socks. [Read More]