Syd Tells Us.

Syd tha Kid is definitely, by far, one of the most interesting members of OFWGKTA, especially considering she’s the only female member. She also just released her own side project with fellow Odd Future member, Matt Martians, called the Internet and their debut album, Purple Naked Ladies. The albums is a totally different direction than any of their Odd Future shit and is definitely worth a listen. Lance Bangs brings us a short documentary of sorts on [Read More]

Golfers on Nilbog Ave.

The kids from Odd Future, all 20+ of them, are really setting out to promote their upcoming album/mixtape OF Tape Vol. 2 which drops March 20 with all new tracks from Tyler the Creator, Frank Ocean, Hodgy Beats, Left Brain, The Internet, and probably a few more names. I’ve been a fan of Odd Future since I stumbled upon Tyler’s Yonkers video during the initial hype. As talented as these kids are, the real talent, in my [Read More]

Violet Nude Women.

OddFutureWolfGangKillThemAll‘s side project, The Internet, dropped their debut album a few weeks ago. I listened to a few tracks, but I never really got around to listening to it in its entirety. Its a dope album. Its not hip-hop or rap like the usual OddFuture shit and it doesn’t even really sound like anything the OFWGKTA kids have released before. Or at least, not that I know of. Its more along the lines of trip-hop with a [Read More]