Marvel Friends.

What would happen if Marvel decided to make a sitcom about their loved character? Some very, very creative fellow decided to take existing footage from the respective Marvel films and other films that the heroes/actors have been in, in order to create a fake trailer for an Avengers x Friends mash-up featuring Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, the Hulk, Loki, etc. This is definitely one of the best re-use of footage that I have seen in a [Read More]

TED 2023.

The TED Talks series is some of the best videos ever in terms of pure inspiration and education in what’s going on with the technology, entertainment, and design industries. They feature all kinds of important people in the industry, where they talk about what they’re currently working on and such. This new TED Talk that just premiered is by a man named Peter Weyland and its from.. the year 2023.. (and yes, its a real TED Talk, [Read More]