Good Morning.

Japanese clothing brand and one of my favorites, UNIQLO, came together with Grammy nominee Cornelius (Keigo Oyamada) and Yoko Kanno of Cowboy Bebop fame in order to create something not entirely new, but unique in a way. The “Wake Up” social app for both iOS and Android was developed in order to wake you up in the morning in an enjoyable way. The app features alarm music that changes depending on the time, weather, and day of [Read More]

Unique Lows.

Uh. UNIQLO is coming to the west coast. UNIQLO IS COMING TO CALIFORNIA! UNIQLO IS COMING TO ..San Francisco.. Man.. I wish they were coming to Los Angeles first, but this is good news! The SF location will be the first of a few stores that are coming to the Best Coast. Los Angeles locations are being scouted as we speak! If you don’t know what UNIQLO is, its a Japanese brand that is huge throughout Asia [Read More]