Zucchini Blossolini.

One of my favorite people to blog about is back. Action Bronson brings us a new video in collaboration with MySpace for their OneToWatch series on cooking his fried zucchini blossoms. Bronson is a huge fan of food, and even took up the official title as chef before he actually gave it up for the rap game. The zucchini blossoms are stuffed with ricotta and served with a pseudo-tomato jam. Action Bronson also goes into his background [Read More]

Happy B-Day Animated GIF!

The scourge and blessing of the internet, the animated GIF, turns 25 this year. Compuserve was the first to introduce the file format back in 1987 and from there, its use has exploded into so many various ways. From video clips to animated photographs, the animated GIF has been used in every corner of the internet. To celebrate the glorious file format, someone has put together a video to celebrate the picture and also maybe give you [Read More]

Cupcake Machine.

You guys have probably heard by now, but there is an ATM machine that dispenses cupcakes. Yes, you heard me right, cupcakes. And not any old cupcake either, Sprinkles cupcakes. The deliciously moist, sweet, and decadent Sprinkles cupcake. The “ATM” will take your cash or card and deliver you a cupcake in return 24/7 until it runs out of cupcakes. The machine will be stocked with a fresh batch of cupcakes every few hours until store closing [Read More]

LED Surfer.

Fashion photographer, Jacob Sutton, took to the slopes of Tignes in the Rhône-Alpes region of south-eastern France to shoot this visually stunning short. The film stars Artec pro snowboarder, William Hughes, in L.E.D. covered suit made by designer John Spatcher. Sutton says the reason of why he made this film was because “I was really drawn to the idea of a lone character made of light surfing through darkness”. He spent three nights with an Red Epic [Read More]

A$AP Visuals.

My homie, Phil Mao, over at The New Regime TV just dropped a new video with A.S.A.P.‘s resident Visual Artist, Justin West. Justin West is the man in charge of all the artwork behind ASAP Rocky‘s videos such as Purple Swag, Peso, and Wassup. He’s also been featured in a few galleries, so he is really starting to come up as an artist. This video really takes you into his head to see what goes on in [Read More]

Finkin’ Freaky.

I’ve been following Die Antwoord for a while now mainly because of their videos. For as long as I remember, their videos have been mind-blowing. The South African rap duo has been getting bigger and bigger in the music scene and recently created their own label for their new upcoming album. Check out their newest music video for I FINK U FREEKY below. I would love to see this song live. I heard their shows are ridiculous. [Read More]

Downtown LA, Ghetto.

My homies, Far East Movement, just dropped the music video for their latest single, Jello. They launched this whole mini-ARG to promote the launch of the video where this organization called “BLOW” (Ban Low-frequency Oscillating Woofers) was rallying against FM for their music. They said they were going to crash their rally last night, which was actually the plot of the music video. It was a pretty interesting tactic used to promote the video that I haven’t [Read More]

Leaving Four Alive.

Some random folks at an airsoft company bring us a promotional short film that they shot using their own products. It starts off as an amazing live-action short film adapted from Left4Dead and then turns into.. well, it turns into something else. Check out the video below, especially if you’re a Left4Dead fan. The video overall is super well-done and entertaining nonetheless, but it just gets a little weird near the end. Who knows, maybe the way [Read More]

On That Cut & Sew.

Bobby Hundreds. One of my many heroes and aspirations within the community. Not for his actual design work, but more for his impact upon the community and how he changed the game. Bobby Kim aka Bobby Hundreds started out just printing his designs on t-shirts, much like how I’m starting. Now I’m not trying to become the next Bobby Hundreds, but I am following his methodology more or less. I’m doing it so that I may end [Read More]