The Art of the Music Video.

Hypebeast started a new video series called The Videographers Guide. Its a new web series that documents young filmmakers as they produce videos mostly for the web in all different types of genres. In this first episode, the series talks about the topic of music videos and the filmmakers in the genre both back in the day and today. They go from the beginnings of the music video to its now mass produceable self within the digital [Read More]

Empire State of Mind.

One of my creative friends just recently made a trip to New York to work on a few projects. My friend, Phil Mao, put together a re-cap video of his trip over there using various b-roll shots and shots from his projects in New York. I thought it was an extremely well done video for a re-cap and plus, there’s quite a few cameos for you hip-hop heads. Check out the video below.