Big Booty Heaux.

I might be hypebeastin‘ a bit, but everything that comes out of DONDA‘s doors is amazing. From the 2 Chainz B.O.A.T. album covers to, now, the music video for Birthday Song, DONDA has been the epitome of what bougie ghetto is and truly represents Kanye‘s design sense in the best way possible. Directed by Andreas Nilsson, an executive/director under Kanye’s DONDA creative collective, the music video for 2 Chainz and Ye’s Birthday Song features an amazing pseudo-one [Read More]

GOOD and Complex.

Complex Magazine has always been one of my favorite magazines, mostly because of their amazing covers and features. I guess I could be biased because of my love for the hip-hop and the culture, but in terms of design and coming from a background in print design, I think its a great magazine. The August/September issue of Complex Magazine has brought together the key members of the G.O.O.D. Music family for a great in-depth interview and photoshoot [Read More]

That A-Trak Money.

I probably first heard of A-Trak back when he toured with Kanye West back in 2004. I kind of forgot about him after that and recently just started his listening to his stuff again, both the live mixes and the Fool’s Gold stuff. He’s probably one of the best DJs out there right now, but producer-wise we’ll see. A-Trak shows off his more humorous side with this new video showing off his mixing and scratching skills with [Read More]

Birds of the Yard.

Hong Kong has always been one of my dream vacation destinations sometime within the near future. I really want to go mostly because of the food, but also because of the culture and the fashion. In a lot of ways, Hong Kong is really similar to Los Angeles, if you just take all the people in LA and make them Asian, you’ll essentially have Hong Kong. Or so I hear. I’ve also heard that the women they’re [Read More]

Ninjas in Paris.

As you guys might know by now, one thing we love to say is “Dashet cray.“, which originates from this past year’s hit, Ni**as in Paris from the Watch the Throne album by Jay-Z and Kanye West. I think, in a way, we were lucky that the song had that famous line that everybody says now because it was perfect for our brand and really was exactly what this brand represents. I actually designed this shirt months [Read More]

Lost in the City.

Lost in the World is one of my favorite tracks off of Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album, which dropped in November of 2010. The album, in general, was amazing and I really wished that they had made a few more music videos for some of the tracks on the album. A little slow, but never too late, Kanye has released a video for Lost in the World and its beautiful. Filmmaker Ruth Hogben collaborated with [Read More]

Hit Goldie ASAP.

One of my favorite tracks right now is A$AP Rocky‘s new single, Goldie, produced by Hit-Boy, which means two of my favorite tracks right now is produced by Hit-Boy. The other one being Kanye West‘s Way Too Cold aka Theraflu. Jelani Fresh brings us some visuals for a behind the scenes look at what went on in the studio during the mixing of this track. I think the best part of this type of visual is that [Read More]

Lamborghini Mercy.

SWERVE SWERVE SWERVE SWERVE SWERVE. HAPPY GOOOOOOOD FRIDAY! Oh Kanye, this week you decided to fight for the top spot for hottest track by competing ..with yourself. And I don’t even know who the winner is. Kanye dropped his new single, Theraflu, last night and oh man, that shit is hot. Now Kanye dropped his first single off the upcoming GOOD Music collaboration album called Mercy featuring Big Sean, Pusha T, 2 Chainz, and Yeezy himself. As [Read More]

Coughin’ That Theraflu.

This one dropped out of nowhere. Literally moments after the announcement of the first single off the upcoming GOOD Music collaboration album, Kanye West drops a new single with DJ Khaled, produced by Hit-Boy. Kanye West hit up Power 106‘s sister station over in New York, Hot97, and dropped this track. Rumors are going around that this new single, Theraflu, is either going to be on Khaled’s upcoming album, Kiss the Ring, or Ye’s upcoming solo album. [Read More]

Zoning with Kanye West.

Do you still love Jay-Z and Kanye West‘s Ni**as in Paris? Do you love the breakdown at the end, but you never want to let Kanye into his zone? Well, do we have a treat for you. Someone has created a HTML5 web game where your goal is to prevent Kanye from getting into his zone. This is one of the funniest games I have seen in a while, and man its creative. Also for the web [Read More]